Maths challenge

The cultural approach among young high-school students is often showing fear towards scientific knowledge and in particular, the study of mathematics. This last subject is perceived as difficult and often as a meaningless subject to study. The final goal of this project is to spread and cultivate among young students their interest towards the mathematics, giving them the opportunity to face problems unusual in typical high school courses.

“Maths Challenge” is a competition dedicated to students attending the fifth (last) year of secondary school organized by the Department of Economics, University of Foggia.

The competition is divided into two phases, a first semi-final step which takes place at each school involved in the project and a second phase, the Final, held at the Department of Economics, University of Foggia. The competition consists in a number of questions of logic, algebra, geometry and all areas of fundamental mathematics.

The main aim of this competition is to provide a bridge from high school and University and represents an important step in the direction of finding and selecting motivated incoming students. The Department of Economics offers students attending the final step of the competition the possibility to matriculate at first level courses at Department of Economics.